Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I had to think really hard about what my password was...

It's been that long since I've plunked down photos or words on this blog. I've been very neglectful this past year. And I'm already stinking as a fair mom to my youngest baby. I've done exactly like I thought I wouldn't do and didn't take many photos, didn't write down much and didn't take much videos.

What is it about that second kid that throws you for a loop?

I've resolved to do better. I must do better. Got that whole sibling equality thing to worry about. Kate's Journey video, like I did for Leah, is currently in production hopefully in time for our first anniversary of meeting each other for the first time. That's my first test to see if I'm committed to the cause, keep your fingers crossed.

So, with that in mind, let's me chat about Kate for a minute, she deserves a little air time...

Spend a little time with this chica, and you find yourself saying..."EWWWW...your so darn cute, I want eat you up!" Smack your lips and start kissing her all over. And instead of looking at you like you have something growing out of your nose, she throws her arms around you and hugs you really tight. It's been a long year of building trust...but she just gets it now. She knows she is here to stay, she knows we love her very deeply and she is happy, truly happy.


She overcomes obstacles with zero hesitation and makes her way through this world bravely. She has not yet noticed that her hands are different, and it certainly hasn't stopped her from jumping the farthest, swimming the longest, climbing the highest...you get the point, born determination. I'm going to have the time of my life cheering on this little dare devil.


Now, this blog post wouldn't be complete without mentioning big sis. She'll be the big FIVE in just a few short weeks. She decided when she was three to start growing her hair, and the goal was for it to reach her bottom..it's been scary as it was almost getting there! Last weekend, she came to me and said, "Mommy, I want my hair up to my chin."

"Are you absolutely sure?" You've been growing your hair for years!"

"Up to my chin, I'm sure!" Leah tends to know exactly what she wants, so off we went and got it chopped to a super cute bob...


Last week, she was in love with the new look, but this week...eh, not so much. She got huge crocodile tears because I couldn't french braid her hair like I did for Kate one day this past week (big mistake). So, now our plans are to grow it back to at least "the length of Hannah Montana". Oh brother, I've got the feeling this is the beginning of a very long emotional roller coaster.


Her official "Look at me, I've lost TWO teeth" photo.