Sunday, August 16, 2009


in the photos I take of Leah, I catch a glimpse into the future and see what she will look like when she's in her teens and twenties. Can you see it too?







She's changing from a very cute, healthy baby/toddler with the most pinchable cheeks into a beautiful little girl. She's sassy, ultra smart, funny, so sensitive and has the kindest heart. She loves her "babies" (stuffed animals), wearing her hair in fancy styles, listening to Hannah Montana and Taylor Swift. She's adjusted to the change of having a little sister, and has rose to the challenge of being a good example so her little sis learns the right way. I'm in absolute crazy love with her, so very proud of her.


Today, she starts her new pre-K class, and before I know it...she'll be in college. I want her to spread her wings and fly, but WHOA!! Slow down're going too fast.

Back from the Beach...

and it was all that I wanted it to be for our newly-formed family of four. Much needed R & R, bonding time for all of us, lots of sunshine, laughter and absolutely beautiful memories made.