Monday, July 18, 2011

The Beach...and chemo round #3

Long before we knew Shawn had cancer, we had already put a chunk of change down to rent a cottage along our beloved 30-A in Florida near Seaside.

After he was diagnosed, we asked his Oncologist if we should cancel or work around it and she highly encouraged us to keep this vacation planned as long as we brought along some help with the little's. She basically scheduled the entire chemotherapy treatments around so that he would be feeling the best he could on vacation.

Vacations are so good for the body and soul and we are so appreciative that we were able to maintain this family tradition. This super fun, 'always-game-for-anything' parents joined us for the trip. As always, wonderful memories were made.

Shawn is doing remarkably well. Despite 10 sessions of chemo sessions, he was still able to enjoy the 14 mile (carting 80+ pounds of cuteness behind him in a trailer) bike rides into Seaside that we have come to love. He obviously didn't have the same energy has he had in the past and it took him a lot longer, but the reward at the end is worth it....

 Hands down some of the best shaved ice evah. That, and then lots of...

We've had so much of it too. If you're going to be a bear, be a Grizzly right? 

We shamelessly got to bring along our precious Rudy. We are proud to say we are "one of those people" that are hopelessly in love with their pets. 
Shawn grew up never being around dogs and had a major aversion to having one in our home. One night, after 10 years of wearing him down, I finally got a mumbled "maybe" when I asked him in the middle of the night while he was sleeping.

Rudy Hercules was en route the next day. Shawn didn't even know what hit him. In our house, all the girls know that if Daddy says "maybe", that is soooooo a yes. 

So Shawn said he would tolerate him at best, and that lasted until the moment he met the little guy. Now, one year later...

Just look at that proud papa. Rudy has been his constant companion, his best friend, standing by him through thick and thin. I think they are even starting to resemble each other. He is only 4 pounds and goes with us anywhere we can take him....even on those 14+ mile bike treks. 

Oh, and the girls tolerated a few of my photo shoots..."few" is the key word here--as one, the other, or both-- just were not in the mood at all for many of my attempts to take their darn photo. Case in point...

Little stinkers.

Ridiculously cute stinkers though.

Now, onto an update of how Shawn's holding up for all those blog stalkers that have patiently been waiting for a new post...

He's continuously kept a great spirit throughout this ordeal and I believe that's why he's managed through these intense treatments so well, that, and we feel like half of America praying for him (thank you very much). His third round of  a 30+ hour week of Chemotherapy started today--he's tired, but otherwise, it was just another day at the salt mines. I'm proud of him, sure do love this man of mine.


  1. Love you guys! Looks like a wonderful trip ... and as always, amazing photos!!!

    continued prayers for you & yours.


  2. Thanks to "Julie" our social director, we all had a fantastic fun filled vacation! Time away in Seacrest was just what the doctor ordered for all of us....thanks for the memories. Very cool how the rain that came never stopped our parade once!

    Loved spending time with all of you and beyond proud you!

  3. Melissa, we have never "met" but I found your blog by accident just before you adopted your second little cutie! I wanted to drop by and send you lots of Good Wishes from here in Scotland, UK. There is NOTHING like spending time with your loved ones, best medicine in the world. Love to all your family. Debbie Nicholson

  4. Oh what a wonderful, happy post!!! Your sweet hubby sure does have a smile that can light up a computer screen! I am so glad that those "cute stinkers" let you get some AMAZING portraits of them! They are just beautiful. Continuing to lift Shawn and the rest of the gang up in prayer. They work! xoxo

  5. Yes, I admit it...I am your #1 blog stalker!! I called Shawn today & it was go great to hear that familiar laugh. Miss having him around so much. Thank you for the update, for sharing the beautiful photos & for giving us stalkers a peek into your life! It is an absolute joy to read your blog. You are truly an awesome writer. Love & prayers to you guys!

  6. These photos are wonderful, the colors are amazing!!

  7. Wow, these are such BEAUTIFUL pictures, what wonderful memories you all are creating!!! You all look so happy and healthy, including hubby, so glad he did well and you were able to follow through with your time away!! We are headed that way in a few days, cannot wait!!
    And yes, you have some incredibly CUTE stinkers!!:))

  8. Wow...not sure how that happened, I did not leave that first comment from "Lori", but it's linked to me?!! But she read my mind, I totally agree about the pictures!! lol

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