Saturday, July 17, 2010

Our Latest Addition to the Fam...

We are nuts, but just barely a year after bringing our Kate home, we decided to adopt again. He was just too sweet and gentle of a little guy to pass up....introducing our 2.5 pound fluff ball, Rudy Hercules....

As you can imagine, the girls are ecstatic. We've teased Leah that we should have named him "George" after that bugs bunny cartoon. She loves him in that ever-loving, but smothering, I just want to squeeze you tight and dress you up" kind of way.

And yes, while puppies are a tremendous amount of work...and I have had so many people say to me...full-time job, side photography business, two children, and you added...a dog? What are you thinking?!?!

My gut told me I needed something on my lap late at night to keep me company while I edited photos, that my girls would need that unconditional love that only a pet could give you, and that adding this little guy would bring us a lot of joy. I'm so happy to report that I was right.

On a side note, holy cow...I'm loving all these new updates to blogger. It's a good excuse to start adding some more bits and pieces of our life on here. I miss blogging sometimes, especially when I go back and see what we were doing on a particular day, such a great way to capture and preserve memories.

Must. Do. Better.


  1. Congratulations! It looks like he was the perfect addition to your family! He is absolutely adorable! We just added a puppy to our family for all of the same reasons (except that he can't fit on our laps anymore)! Enjoy your new furry friend!

  2. Cute puppy, I am sure he will bring lots of joy to your family.

  3. and what an adorable little ball of fluff he is!

  4. Oh my gosh - I love, love, love Rudy Hercules Teddy S*****.

    And the little girl who so lovingly (I am sure) calls him by his full name :)

    How sweet. It's different - adding that member to your family. And really, a lot easier to integrate than a spicy girl (the jury is still out on this, however)

    Welcome Back - I hope to see more from you - and hey, we would love to hear the canned jokes and the funny stuff your husband does too - Facebook Banter is welcome on blogger ;-)

  5. Oh my -- that is one seriously cute puppy with your adorable girls!

    Going thru some puppy time at our house too -- driving me batty at times. Must remember to enjoy (is that the right word?) this stage too!


  6. Amazing photographs...beautiful girls...fluffy adorable's all good! ;-)