Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sunday Snapshot

Perfect case in point of why I need to document better for my family....I'm in the midst of organizing and editing photos from some sessions I've been doing lately and ran across a folder on my computer dated an exact year ago today. I couldn't resist opening it up to see it was filled with my little Kate running around the backyard, playing hard as she always does. Look at what a little baby she still was just a year ago....

 and now look at her...

She's so stinkin' funny. She spends literally half of her time getting sheer joy out of trying to make us laugh, singing songs and dancing, smiling these million watt smiles like she is above, and then the other half of her time she spends just as mad as a hornet at the world, because it takes very little to set this firecracker off. She's unbelievable headstrong and so.....two. She wears the age like a fine wine.

And as I look through an impromptu photo session that took just minutes to produce, how can I not chuckle at her little personality coming out  frame by frame. Because I get just as many of these kinds of looks....

 That would be her going "....UGH!" at me....

   as I do these...

in a matter of mere seconds.  It's hard in those tantrum moments to deal with as a mom, but in hindsight, it's so hilarious of how absolutely psycho this age is. "This too shall pass." I say that a lot.

She's beautiful, courageous, fearless and unstoppable. Before I even knew this little gem, Kathryn Mei Lin, I had a strong feeling she was a powerhouse. Something told me, that her special need wasn't really going to be so special.....

I just knew she was going to set this world on fire with an inner strength and strong belief in herself that there was nothing she couldn't do if she set her mind to it....

 and so far, so good. 

Ni Hao Y'all


  1. Goodness!...could she be any cuter!?! I think NOT! She is SOOOOOO pretty!! It's amazing how much they can grow and change in just one!...what a difference. GREAT pics.

    And I LOVE your latest 'furry' family member...SO CUTE!

  2. Oh my word, she's beautiful! It's amazing how your girls have grown in the past year. I remember following your trip to China for Kate like it was yesterday. You traveled just one month before we did so I was definitely "taking notes". Anyway it's nice to see you in blog-land again =). I've loved seeing the updates on your georgeous girls.

    Gin =)

  3. Your little firecracker is amazing! I remember that first picture from last year, goodness how she's grown!!! Beautiful!

  4. Oh my -- those are beautiful photos of your lovely little one! Amazing how fast she's grown!


  5. WOW! And a perfect example of why I try to document as much as I can... it goes WAY too fast!
    GORGEOUS pictures! She's positively beautiful!!

  6. Amen, amen and amen! I love watching Kate play...she's got it all blessed she is in my life!

  7. She is just so beautiful! Can't believe how fast these little ones look big! Ah, time, slow down!

  8. Beautiful, time flies enjoy!


  9. She's just beautiful! And oh how she has grown! Time flies indeed.

  10. Wow, the change in just one year is astounding! Love that you included an "ugh" photo along with the sweetly smiling ones. I'm a firm believer in "keeping it real!"

  11. I, too, have to love that you included one of Kate's "looks" while she flashed her smiles for you ;) You know how I feel about her - and these pictures are just more proof - she is breathtaking! I remember her playing in her water table last summer in your yard - with her sweet pigtails..she really is growing so fast. And the determination in her eyes, just grows.

  12. Melissa, she is so beautiful, she rally takes your breath away. I know how blessed you and your family are to have her.