Wednesday, April 29, 2009

You can't make this stuff up

So.....I hugged my girl, took my walk, giggled while she sang "Best of Both World's" at the top of her lungs listening to our ipod on top of Daddy's shoulders, completely oblivious to the world. I was even feeling better as I'm watching Leah play in the sand by the playground. Life goes on.

A sweet little boy decided I looked interesting enough to stop what he was doing and come over, so I smiled and he took that as an invitation to sit down next to me. I noticed that his nose was running pretty bad, so I inched myself a little farther away from him but thought nothing of it. A few minutes later, as I was getting up to leave, he leaned over and WIPED HIS NOSE ALL OVER MY SHIRT.

I got slimed.

I mean seriously.

Now, I'm sure the reason of why this is happening to us...I'm going to come down with the pig flu.

Since it soaked through my shirt, I had to take it off in the car in the parking lot, while Shawn slathered my back in hand santizer, and I wore a dish towel home.

Yep, it was the cherry on top.

So I did get to take my bath, but I was quarantined immediately upon arrival. And since we've been all "healthy living" for a year now, the worst thing to eat in my house is this:

A big ol' whoppin' 260 calories. It's pretty darn awesome though.

I can't stop laughing. Whatever will be, will be.


  1. Oh my goodness, yuck....well I'm glad you had something yummy in the house....I'm dying for a Krispy Kreme donut, but had to settle for angel food cake. Tomorrow is another comes in the morning!

  2. Eewww!! NO wonder how this swine flu is spread! Maybe he was just getting you stoked for baby Kate :)

    I did enjoy wondering if anyone saw you in your dishtowel on the way hme..heee-heee.

    And the Reeses Klondike bar looks good. I, myself, had a hunk of Oreo creamy yummy cake tonight. The only bad part? The rest is still in my fridge :=)

  3. Found you from Paige's site. You had a much better attitude than I would have about being slimed....the dishtowel is the funniest though.

  4. What a yucky story! sorry! But at least you kinda have your sense of humor still working for ya! So was the Reese good? Never had the Klondike ones! Yums!

    Here's to an end of the flu and all it's troubles~

  5. Oh, my goodness...that is just plain yucky! It is one thing for your own child to do this...goes with the mom territory..but for a child you don't know.....

    I am sooo sorry about the delayed travel. My heart goes out to you as I know how hard it is to wait and then to have something like this going on...


  6. Eeeewwww!!! I teach first graders and they tend to do things like this and it grosses me out. I cannot tell you the amount of times I have come home and immediately walked straight into the shower.

    Hang in there girly! Better days are surely around the corner :)