Sunday, May 31, 2009

Almost Done

Two weeks ago, we started our journey to China, and now we have only a few days left and just one more item to check off on the adoption checklist before we head home. Today was the medical exam, required by the U.S. Consulate, and it went as expected for little Kate. She's not really keen on strangers, so I knew she wouldn't like being poked and prodded very much.
We know one thing....

Her lungs work.

Other than that, we are having fun haggling with the shop owners, picking up some awesome treasure for the girls to have for later in life, playing hard on the playground, and spotting all the stunning brides. Guangzhou is a historical city that looks very similar to Savannah, Georgia with beautiful courtyards. On every corner, there is a bride and a groom having their photos done prior to their weddings. So gorgeous!


  1. Ahh...bless her little heart! Love seeing the picture of you comforting Kate...same as you did for Leah when she had to face that medical exam.

    You are the most remarkable mommy!

    That picture of Shawn and it!

    Leah I LOVE your dress! I wouldn't want to take it off either!

    Miss you guys but know very soon you will be HOME!!!!

    Hugs, kisses and prayers...Gramma Re

  2. Bless her little bones, I'm sure mama made it all better though.

    There were lots of brides when we were there too and man, Emma couldn't quit watching them. She was quite impressed!

    Can't wait to see you guys Melissa!

  3. Can't believe it's almost time for you to come home! I'm so happy all is going well, and I'll be praying hard that you have a quick, uneventful flight home!

    Lynn in CO

  4. Lovely photos! Glad to hear that all is going so well. You have a beautiful family!


  5. So glad all is going well. We are so excited for you all to get back home!

  6. Melissa, how awesome to see Kate comforted in your arms. Know you guys can't wait to get home, and we feel the same!

    Praying for an easy trip home!!

  7. I have enjoyed following your trip to get Kate. She looks like she has really bonded already...she is beautiful. I know Leah has been a big help with making her feel welcome, I know you are proud of her.

    I can't wait for you to get home, please have a safe journey home. Miss you bunches!!!

    Aunt Shannon

  8. I remember that! We had the screaming for our medical exam too. Fun fun! You're right, at least you know her lungs are strong! I also remember all the beautiful brides and grooms having their portraits taken. So beautiful!
    God bless you all as you travel home,

  9. Just read thru your blog and your girls are both beautiful. They look happy. As you know, time has a way of healing so my prayers are with you and your family.

    Thanks for sharing. I'm a friend of Leslie C. :)