Sunday, May 24, 2009

Hangin' with the Locals...

Today was another beautiful day in Zhengzhou....we absolutely love it here! The park is very close to the hotel and it takes your breath away with the beauty of the landscaping, the music, the art, the people. It just happened to be the day the locals practice english at the park so when they saw us, we were bombarded with people trying to practice on us. We feel like rockstars, we've had our pictures taken more times than I can's hilarious and we are eating it up! Speaking of eating, Shawn is really having the time of his life right now. He tends to eat rather safe "American" meals, so he had big plans to loose 10 pounds on the trip...but all that boy has done since he's gotten here is eat, so we wouldn't be suprised if he came back to the states 10 pounds heavier! He can't get enough of the food. Last time I was here, I pretty much survived on cheese crackers, but there is a fabulous restaurant inside the hotel, so nobody is starving (don't worry Mom and Dad, I'm eating this time!).

Shawn is enjoying practicing his mandarin on the locals as well, most of the time they laugh at him, but we are making friends right and left. It's been a joy to converse with these wonderful people, they are so kind...just beautiful, beautiful souls.

Kate is continuing to just blossom in front of our eyes, she's pure sunshine. She's uber attached to me, I definitely have a clinger, but today was a huge breakthrough in that she finally let Shawn hold her. She's a bit of a jokster and loves to play games, especially with her big sis and she just thinks it's the funniest thing to put on a pair of Mama's shoes (see pic). She has been flashing a million watt smile at us all day long, so I think she's starting to really enjoy all the love and attention. Our hearts are so happy.


  1. You know...I had a funny feeling Shawn would find
    great things to eat! Really glad you are eating too...(you know me too well!)

    Love the pink skirts! Those girls are too, too cute!!

    I knew it would not take Kate too long to see what a great family God has given her!!

    Love you all!!

  2. So glad that all continues to go well!

  3. Sparks,

    We are beyond excited for all of you! The girls love checking the photos with me. Kate has such a sparkle in her eyes and Leah sounds like she is doing amazing. Such blessings! I am so glad to hear everyone is doing great and we continue to pray for good health for everyone.

    Congratulations on baby Kate!


  4. We have so enjoyed looking at your updates. Emma loved seeing the girls play dress up with the shoes! Kate and Leah look like they have always been together! So sweet.

  5. Oh, that smile! I love to see her having a good time - and your smiles too! I love the girls' skirts - they are both so beautiful!

    I remember every hotel we checked out of hubby would get the bill for all the candy bars I (& Mya) ate. He would just look at us (especially since we could have walked over the "4" and got them for a 1/3 of the price!)

    What? I am not used to waking up in the middle of the night and having cold candy bars (yum!) in my refrigerator!!

    I am glad you are enjoying the food? Have you tried the Holiday Inn next door to the Crowne Plaza?? We had a good meal there. Got some coffee at Big Island Coffee too. They did not get the concept of "to go".

    Have a great Memorial Day!

  6. She's with the perfect family to feel safe, secure and loved.

    I remember you told me she looks like a cross between Sara's Mya and Ava and I totally see it.
    Can't wait to get Ava and Kate together (she'll have a friend her size :)

  7. Oh,she is a beauty! Glad things are going so well.

    Gin =)