Monday, May 25, 2009

In the Eyes of the People's Republic of China...

She's ours....

Today our adoption was finalized and the paperwork has been cleared so we can officially be called a family of four today. We have one more day in Zhengzhou and then we fly to Guangzhou for another week to complete America's portion of the adoption which will make her a citizen of the United States when we land in Los Angeles. Although we all would rather be on our way home, these days in China are precious. It's your one chance as a family to be in a complete bubble without the chaos of everyday life to just bond and learn about each other.

We feel so finally have the family we've always wanted. It's amazing to think that just days ago, Kate was terrified to come out of the bathroom of our hotel room, and she is now running to me from down the hallway with a huge smile on her face and arms outreached, yelling "Baba!!" with a grin when she sees her daddy, and is trying to immulate everything her big sis does and hugging her every chance she can get. It's just fascinating to me how quickly this has evolved, love sure is a powerful thing.


  1. Hurray!!

    Your right! Love is powerful, it can overcome anything! So, so happy for you all!

    Hugs, kisses and prayers...Grammy Re

  2. We've been out of town for the holiday weekend and I couldn't wait to get home to check in and see how you guys are doing. WOW! Love truly is powerful. I'm simply amazed how little Kate has blossomed in just a few days!!!

    She's beautiful Melissa, absolutely beautiful. I loved the picture of the girls walking in the park, the one where Leah is feeding her ... and oh, the story of Leah escaping for a game of cards to miss out on the crying, too stinkin' funny!

    Glad all of you are having such a wonderful trip. Loved the posts that Shawn wrote too but was relieved the barbie wasn't for him :-)

    Thinking of you often & praying for you. Can't wait to meet your little blessing in person!

  3. So happy for the 4 of you!!
    Lisa, Dave, Emmy & Aidan Potter

  4. So happy for all of you! Enjoy this precious time together! Thanks for posting so regularly! I love waking up to the Sparks family updates!


  5. Wow! Its so awesome to see this family of four! Thanks to you, Shawn & Leah for sharing this wonderful time in your lives. We are counting down the days until you are home forever!

  6. Wow- she's changed so much already. I just skimmed your posts for lack of time now, but I'm looking forward to reading all about your days in China so far. I just had to comment that the pictures are beautiful of the girls- so happy for you all! You make a lovely family of four!

  7. So sweet -- it is so amazing the changes that can happen in such a relatively short time. What a lovely family you all are!


  8. What beautiful girls and beautiful pictures.
    Loving the updates!!!

  9. She just melts my heart!! I know I keep saying it, but what a gem little Kate is!!!!

    Your family of 4 is perfect, Melissa & Shawn!!

  10. I have tears everytime I read the beautiful posts and see the pictures of the gorgeous family you have created! God bless you all and enjoy every moment. See you all when you get settled in.