Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Love's Journey

On Sunday, May 17th...Shawn, Leah, Aunt Jennie (Shawn's little sis) and I embark on a life-changing trip to bring our precious girl home. I've never asked this of anyone before in my life...but I feel like I really need to this time.

Please pray for Kate to bring her comfort, she will be frightened of her new life until the trust can set in, which can take days, months or years.

Please pray for Shawn & me, to give us the strength we need emotionally, physically and mentally, not only during this trip, but when reality sets in and we are home.

Please pray for Leah, to protect her heart, to know that love is not divided, but multiplied, and adding Kate into the fold will not diminish our adoration for her.

And lastly, please pray for everyone on that plane that sits within a 50 feet radius of an almost 4 year old with a majorly extroverted personality (and who can't sit still to save her life) on the 16 hours that we will be in the air.

Pray especially hard for that last one.

And thank you from the bottoms of our hearts--the support we've received for this adoption has been absolutely phenomenal. We are just flat humbled by your offerings to help pack, to cook meals, to mow our lawn, to give donations, to give of your time, and to give us encouragement.

We feel so blessed to know such incredible people, you've given us the gift of pure joy.


  1. Praying for all those things and especially hard for the last one (totally get it, as Jake is a social butterfly too). I'm so excited to follow your journey...and we are blessed to know such people as your incredible family!

    Hugs and prayers flowing your way!

  2. I too will be praying for all those things too Melissa. Can't wait to see this wonderful family become even bigger!!!!

    God Bless and Safe Travels,

  3. Covering you in prayer! Looking forward to following your amazing journey! God is so GOOD!

  4. Have a wonderful and amazing journey. Will definitely be keeping you all in my prayers.


  5. We will definitely be praying and praising God for you. Can't wait to see you hold Kate in your arms for the first time. May you hear the brush of angels wings!


  6. We will for sure be praying for you and your family and little KATE!!! I understand each one of those prayer requests so much!!! Cannot wait until you hold her in your arms!!! Love ya

  7. I will pray! I'm so excited for you! What a dream...Sunday! You get to leave Sunday! Holy cats! Have a ton of fun and know that we are lifting you up as you go!

  8. I'm praying for all of the details and I'm honored to be able to do so!! I just can't wait to follow along. Kate looks SO much like my Olivia. Olivia and her brothers all thought it was her!


  9. What wonderful news. I will be following along and praying for all details to go well. So exciting!!

  10. It's going to be okay...everywhere I take Leah she proudly tells anyone that will listen about her little sister.

    Today when I took her to see Hannah Montana for the THIRD time, she was a little doll....had to stay until every credit was rolled and song was sung.

    Kate is going to complete your family so beautifully.

    Over the river and through the woods you go....it will be okay~~~~

    On my knees...Mom

  11. Praying for safe travels, smooth transitions, loads of support and a joyous adoption journey!!! I can't wait to follow your journey!

  12. Best wishes on a successful trip. I can't wait to follow your journey!

  13. That's great that you're taking Leah! You are brave! It will be awesome that you will be together as a family even though it will be hard. And I bet that her presence will really help Kate in her transition.


  14. Melissa, I know you all will have the time of your life! Many prayers I'm sending your way, we cant wait to meet Miss Kate, hurry back!

  15. I am so happy your time has come to finally welcome Kate into your family. I know it will be a wonderful trip. I also will send prayers your way.

  16. Shawn, haave a great trip! Enjoy the new addition and can't wait to hear some stories when you get back

  17. You didn't need to ask...you all continue to be in my thoughts and prayers. And anyone who is lucky enough to sit near Leah on the plane will have a ball! I just wish it was me! ;-)

    Have a glorious trip! Enjoy, soak up the culture and bond with your new baby. I'll be checking every day for updates!

    Lynn in CO

  18. Praying fervently as I get to watch this miracle unfold - your family - multiplying, becoming even more beautiful! May God protect little Kate's heart as she learns she has a family, forever, to adore & hug & hold her. May she have a supernatural understanding of "why" this is happening to her, because it is so hard.

    Praying for your little princess, Leah, that her heart would open wide for this new love, this new baby sister, this idea of life as a family of four!

    They are both going to do great, Melissa, so are you! Todays the day!! This is the Day the Lord has Made! Now, get to China and bring HOME that gorgeous baby!!

    Love ya,

  19. Still praying - starting to get emotional at the thought of you landing in China, the homeland of our daughters. The birthplace of the mystery that surrounds their beginnings. I am so humbled by the gift of life that lies sleeping in MY house, in the next room. I know you are too. Praying for strength and health & open hearts, clear minds and Love, baby, LOVE!!!

  20. I hope you arrived safe and sound! I can't wait to follow your journey!

  21. HI Melissa!
    Just wanted you to know we're praying for you, and can't wait to read all about the next amazing part of your journey. I just know little Kate is going to fit right in to your family. Best wishes for a wonderful trip!
    Sara :)