Saturday, May 23, 2009

Walk in the Park...

First...thank each and every one of you for all your support and encouraging words! We really appreciate it and every word feels like home to us. Shawn helped me out a fews days posting because after all the traveling and dealing with a little broken-hearted soul, I have been physically and mentally wiped out...I wouldn't have been able to make logical sentences! But it's the magical "third" day since we have had Kate now and she is making great strides. The first couple of days were a little rocky, she has had bouts of grieving and bouts of giggles and smiles evenly. It has been incredibly hard to see her go through what she needs to in order to let us in her heart.

We are crazy in LOVE with this precious little bird. She's absolutely beautiful in every single way. She can do some incredible things already with her blows our mind. She's amazing and we are so lucky to have her in our life, she''s going to teach us all so many lessons!

Kate prefers to be held by me most of the time still. She really loves Leah, comes from behind and just gives her a huge bear hug. Leah is a fantastic big sister...I mean FANTASTIC in the biggest boldest lettering I can find. She's patient and tender with her, makes her laugh and has put Kate at ease numerous times...I am so glad that we made the decision to bring her, it was the right one without a doubt. She's helped not only our little Kate, but the other babies in the group transition better. She's deserves a metal of honor for her ability to know just what to do to make the babies feel safe.

Today we had a paperwork-free day and went to the local was gorgeous! We have a few days left in Zhengzhou so we can't wait to go back tomorrow, there was an amusement park that was also there that we didn't get the chance to see yet. Many people stopped to ask us about the girls and with Shawn's basic mandarin that he's learned they were able to figure out our story and they were just so sweet and encouraging to us, it's been such fun for me to see Shawn experience what he missed the first time.

All the locals that we spoke with told both girls how beautiful they were numerous times, and Leah has picked up a little mandarin as well from those conversations and says "Ni Hao!" to anyone that comes up to greet her, she's not at all scared to talk to them. I think she has a much better feel for what China and the culture is and this trip will stay in her memories for many years to come and help answer questions she will have about her own story.

There was a calligrapher in the park and invited Leah and Shawn to draw with him on the pavement, so Shawn drew his signature Mickey Mouse face, and with that, he gathered an audience of lots of thumbs up and laughter, we made a lot of friends with this universal was so cool! We are feeling very, very blessed on this miracle day, our little family is starting to mold together.

Here's some photos from today's adventures....


  1. Oh my...I'm so happy! My heart is absolutely bursting with joy!

    You know how much JOY I felt with precious Leah in our lives...then adorable Sammy. Now I thank the good Lord for our angel Kate.....she is so beautiful...she takes my breath away!

    Now we just need baby Jack! (Rich thinks 2 weeks)

    It's wonderful to see Shawn in the park communicating with everyone there..these pictures are amazing!!!

    I love you all more than words can say and hold you in my heart!

  2. So glad things are going well. I love the first photo, it melted my heart, as I am sure it did yours too.

  3. Thank you God for the magical third day. These pictures are just priceless. And how cool to communicate through art and Mickey Mouse. Such a cool way to connect.

    Kate is sooo beautiful! Be still my heart

  4. I started crying before I even read your post...that first photo of the two girls holding hands just says it all! Leah, you ROCK! I'm SOOO proud of you! What an amazing person, sister, daughter and friend to the world you are! So glad you all are having such a magical trip. Thanks so much for the consistant posting...makes my day to wake up every morning and run and check your blog so I can get my Sparks-fix!

    Lynn in CO

  5. Glad to read things are going better. What a beautiful picture of your two girls holding hands! God is so GOOD! Kate sounds like a beautiful little flower, blooming more each day!

  6. Those lips? How do you stand it??????

    Leah looks like she is doing amazing - I am so glad that Kate has taken to her!

    My heart about breaks to hear of Kate's grieving, I know it must be very difficult - I am praying that it is hard for her because she was loved.

    Your pictures are amazing, I love to see you with Kate in your arms!

  7. Just stopping by to let you know I have opened my blog. Feel free to stop by!

  8. Your girls are so lovely! So glad to hear that it is going so well - that third day is magical. Take care.


  9. Oh, she is just the sweetest little blessing!

    What a wonderful opportunity for Leah! We brought our daughter with us...she was almost 3, when we returned to China for her sister. It was a wonderful chance for her to really get to see and experience "my China" as she calls it. I know she will never forget her experiences on that trip!

    Glad all is going well...have a great day!!!

  10. Just can't tell you what a blessing it is to read these words! Such an encouragement and a testimony of God's goodness! WooHoo Leah! Have a terrific day!

  11. So many wonderful things rolled into one post. Your heart must skip a beat each time you see your sweet Leah help the precious souls who are trying to figure things out. What a doll!
    Kate is GORGEOUS!!! Oh my word! I am so glad she is coming out of her shell and starting to trust you guys. Much love from TN!

  12. I am beyond thrilled for you all...and so happy to know that Kate is starting to turn the corner. How great is Miss Leah??? My heart just filled with pride for her...but no doubt she was preapared so well by you both. Could you write down some tips on that?? :-)

    Praying for you all and keeping you in my thoughts...

    Best wishes,