Thursday, May 7, 2009

Peas & Carrots

I remember every little detail about May 8, 2006. Leah's Gotcha Day. One of the best days of my life. Also the most nerve-wracking. I was so unbelievably antsy to meet her, to hold her in my arms, to call her my own. I couldn't believe it was actually happening, it's such a surreal experience.

When our adoption group walked in the room that day, all the babies were surprisingly already out in their walkers, waiting for us. I didn't even consider how stressful it would be to figure out which baby was her based off of three little photos I'd stared at for 8 weeks.

In my months of waiting, I'd watched tons of Gotcha Day videos and every single one of them had the parents name called and then a child was brought to pressure. I didn't expect to be put to the challenge right off the elevator.

Well, I failed my first "Mom" test. Miserably. I guessed wrong, like, three times! I couldn't figure out for the life of me which baby was Leah. In my weak defense, she was getting her diaper changed.

I failed my second test when later that night, I got her back into the room and changed her diaper...put it on backwards, and not just once, I did that a couple of days before I figured it out. Got pictures to prove it.

Note Exhibit A:

I failed my third test when I tried to make her a bottle and shook it without holding the nipple at the top and formula sprayed all over the room.

I failed my fourth test when I didn't bother to relearn any nursery rhymes or songs to soothe her in the 18 months I had waited...the only thing Mom and I could remember the words to were "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" in those two weeks in China. So we sang that. A lot.

I was so green. Still am. I learn as I go, still make mistakes. But Leah...she's the forgiving type. Thank God. We are like peas and carrots, always have been since she quickly sunk into my arms that day, ready to love and be loved.

Easy, breezy, lovey, and deliciously cute to boot. She's hilarious and smart and all the things I want to be when I grow up. That's my girl. I love her with every single fiber of my being.

For the one person who might care to look (Hi Mom!), I put the video of our journey to Leah below. Good times. :)


  1. You're an awesome Mom and we all learn as we go. What a wonderful post Melissa. You're so blessed to have Leah and she's so blessed to have you!

  2. Despite failing those first few mommmy tests ... you are a WONDERFUL mother in all the ways that count! Little Kate has no idea the blessings on store for her!!!

  3. Oh my goodness I LOVED this post!! It's SO real! When we adopted Jackson I couldnt' figure out why he wouldn't take his bottle. I FINALLY realized that it needed to be heated...he was only 6 months old!

    When Olivia was brought into the room where I was waiting for her I looked right at her and didn't recognize her. My guide told me 3 times "That's your baby!!" before I got it! And Olivia is my 7th child, so it doesn't matter if you are a first time mom or not!

    Leah is just darling and you seem to be a wonderful, loving Mommy.


  4. Congratulations on your Gotcha Day!! What a beautiful post and video!

    Have a wonderful Mother's Day!

  5. What a sweet post -- love that quote and your description of your meeting with your sweet girl. We Moms all make mistakes along the way -- it's all a learning experience, isn't it!

    Have a wonderful Mother's Day!


  6. Happy Gotcha Day Sweetie! And holy moly, I can't wait to follow your journey just a few more days!!!!!

  7. LOVE this post! What precious memories and hey...we were all green at one time! But your stories were so funny! This time around, you'll be a pro! And she has a beautiful sister waiting for her!

    Congrats and Happy Mother's Day!

  8. You are an amazing Mom~~~~

    Happy Gotcha Day!!

  9. Melissa, what a great story. You might have failed in the beginning, but its obvious you aren't failing anymore! She is a happy, healthy and wonderful little girl, thanks to the love of her mommy! Happy Mothers Day.

  10. What a beautiful post, Melissa! I love how sincere your post is. So sweet. I think Leah is pretty darn lucky that you are her mommy. Happy Mother's Day to you!!!

  11. You didn't fail, both were just learning about each other! And 'Our Journey to Leah' is one of my all time favorites, so thanks for posting it again. I so enjoy watching it! It feels so bitter-sweet seeing the girls so tiny, and knowing they are already young ladies. How time flies! Lucky for me, you're gonna be giving me my baby fix/travel log VERY soon! You and your family continue to be in my thoughts and prayers!

    Lynn Cranston

  12. Your one of the best mom's I know Melissa.
    Happy Gotcha Day and Happy Mother's Day.
    Can't wait to follow your journey to baby Kate.

  13. What a heartfelt, honest and precious post. Leah is BEAUTIFUL,even with her diaper on backward!!